Design your own family calendar

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Design your own family calendar
  1. Upload your own picture for the cover, or choose among the colors and design you find on our site. You choose what month you want the planner to start!
  2. It contains a week to view (or two, if you choose to hang the whole spread), and each family member gets their own column. You can divide the space in up to 8 different columns. Then choose a name and color for each column and add a photo. If you add birthdays to the planner, these will come preprinted. You can even add little boxes for the dinner menu of the week, training, to-do lists, etc.
  3. Your family calendar will be delivered straight to your door within 3-4 weeks!
How it all began ...
Some years ago, in 2006, my wife Paula needed a new planner to help her keep track of her studies, but after multiple trips to town, she returned home complaining...
- There's only boring looking planners out there!
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Delivery within
3-4 weeks.
Shipping is included in the price.
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